Pediatrics Department

Pediatrics Department

A child requires delicate, careful, and empathetic handling which is very different from adult care. At HCC Hospital, we recognize this and so we have set up a specialized pediatric surgery department to provide special treatment to your children and the surgeries with ease and grace. The pediatric department at HCC Hospital we ensures careful and empathetic handling of a child while treating them with utmost excellence. We are equipped with state-of-art facilities and critical care units to conduct all types of pediatric laparoscopies and endoscopies. Our expert pediatric handle all the types of problems in children in the best manner.

Being the best Pediatric Hospital in Ahmedabad, our Neonatal Care Unit has a group of extremely skilled specialists who convey to the desk their huge expertise in coping with Neonatal emergencies and its issues. We’ve set a benchmark in guaranteeing the survival of extraordinarily untimely infants and have established the credentials of saving the sickest baby. Our NICU has highly trained and advanced life support equipments designed to meet the unique needs of newborn babies. HCC Hospital key precept is Caring, Ethics, Excellence & Integrity – to bring in the most effective way.

At HCC Hospital, the paediatricians deal with the healthcare of infants, kids, and adolescents up to the age of 14 years. Our team consists of the best paediatrician in Ahmedabad, who excel in the field and provide healthcare services for healing children in the best possible way.

HCC Hospital understands that your child needs warmth and a nurturing care, and so this department is designed to meet all kinds of unique needs of children. Our team of specialized nurses and best paediatrician in Ahmedabad make your kid feel at home and enjoy as much as they want, even while staying in the hospital.

For the diagnosis and treatment of infants, we have a team of experienced paediatricians in Ahmedabad who are available round the clock. When you come at HCC Hospital, you can expect all the services at one place for the proper healthcare of your child.

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