Physiotherapy Department

Best Physiotherapy Center in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

With its wide range of medical services HCC Hospital based in Ahmedabad focuses on solving the medical problems of patients from across India and the world. Patients are provided access to useful physiotherapy services along with all other medical specialties. HCC Hospital presents a physiotherapy centre in Ahmedabad that is created in such a way that patients from different parts of the society can come to the hospital and avail the useful services at the hospital. The focus of HCC Hospital’s physiotherapy centre in Ahmedabad is to provide the services of best physiotherapist in Ahmedabad and furnish accessible, affordable, safe, efficacious, professional, ethical, and comprehensive care and services to the patients. The high-quality healthcare treatment solutions and wide range of healthcare services provided include:

  • General rehabilitation
  • Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation for ICU patients
  • Orthopaedic / Musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Post surgery rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy for mechanical ventilation patients
  • Physiotherapy in geriatrics (above 60 years)
  • Physiotherapy in obstetrics and gynaecology
  • Physiotherapy for sports injuries
  • Physiotherapy for paediatrics
  • Obesity management
  • Pain management
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Yoga sessions
  • Manual therapy & manipulations and mobilization techniques
  • Biomechanical assessments
  • Orthotic prosthetic exercises
  • Electrotherapy modalities as short wave diathermy, ultrasound, interferential therapy, electrical stimulation, TENS, wax therapy, tractions, moist pack etc.

Our physiotherapy centre in Ahmedabad at HCC Hospital provides electrotherapy modalities which are needed and utilized quite frequently these days to achieve the targeted results faster with the physiotherapy sessions. Our team of best physiotherapist in Ahmedabad empower you so that you can get back your happy and active life and keep away all sorts of pain and disabilities. A dedicated team of well-trained staff and best physiotherapist in Ahmedabad are experts in their domain and offer you the highest standards of care and healthcare professional assistance at HCC Hospital’s physiotherapy centre in Ahmedabad. Our team consisting of the best physiotherapist in Ahmedabad work their best to ensure that the patients gain proper information about the physiotherapy treatments so that best results can be achieved by patients without any unnecessary delays.

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